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Being gay is a sin you know?


A sin? Sin is to steal, to kill, to disrespect the others. There are lots of things to claim as a sin, but loving is a sin? I read some news today, and one of them was nothing else, but the Pope Francisco saying that people should rethink about divorcided parents and homossexual’s sons. And he say: “Let’s not creat a vaccine against faith.” Do you know what is a sin? Is mothers dumping their kids on the trash while the man kind says that gay people can’t raise a child, and it’s funny right, because at the same time when gays are fighting to have the chance to raise a kid, to make a family, the straight ones are dumping their kids on the trash, or killing them, or just putting them away, like they were nothing. Funny right? I always had faith on God, but I never had a religion, do you know why? Because I believe that the only thing that matters is if you have faith in God, nothing else. Because is the same religion who claims gay people are a sin, and that we are going to hell, the same beliefs that say we can’t raise a child, that we are bad influences, is the same religion and fanaticism who are creating wars, killing innocent people. Killing young guys, stealing from them the chance of having a great life and killing their mothers inside with the pain of losing a child. So, now tell me: does your religion says that loving, expecting the good, and building a family with love, giving the opportunity of having a great life to kids who were left by their parents on the street, on orphanages, throwing away their hope, their love, their faith? The same straight parents who claims that being gay is a sin. The same fanaticism who creates wars all over the planet in the name of ‘a greater good’. Does your religion approves this? So, don’t come to me and say that being who I am is a sin, because you will gotta have better arguments.